North Chadderton

The Oak Trust will provide excellence in teaching, learning and leadership development.
This will be based on safe, inclusive practice which inspires and challenges everyone.
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Contact Details

Headteacher: Mrs S North


Mrs A Galgani

Telephone 0161 624 9939
School address

North Chadderton School, Chadderton Hall Road,
Chadderton, OL9 0BN


Our Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year can be contacted via the main school telephone number: 0161 624 9939 and then option 3 'Year Teams' or via email.

  Head of Year Assistant Head of Year
Year 7

Mr M Sumner 

Mr A Harrison

Year 8

Mr M Sumner

Mrs M Cunningham

Year 9




Miss L Mitchell


Mrs M Melling

Mrs C Purkhardt


Mr M Ali


Mrs K Potts

Year 12 & 13

Mrs S Guy

Assistant Director Key Stage 5


Mrs L Hilton

North Chadderton School is part of the Oak Trust for Inspirational Learning and Leadership.
Chair of the Trust Board - Mrs L Brierley, c/o North Chadderton School.

Chair of Local Advisory Committee - Mr G Crabtree.