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The Oak Trust will provide excellence in teaching, learning and leadership development.
This will be based on safe, inclusive practice which inspires and challenges everyone.
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Early Career Teachers

North Chadderton has very well-established and robust systems of support to ensure all of our Early Career Teachers can successfully develop against the Teachers’ Standards with many of our ECTs making outstanding progress by the end of their Induction.

We also actively recruit trainees from our Initial Teacher Training partners, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Nexus SCITT, so as to facilitate a solid foundation for ECTs across the 3-year journey to qualify as a teacher.

The ability to be flexible, adaptable and to support our local and regional partners is key to ensuring we help to build the workforce of effective teachers for future generations across the region and within our own school.

From wherever our ECTs join us, North Chadderton prides itself on being seen as a model of good practice in ECT Induction provision as part of a rigorous, biannual quality assurance process and thorough internal quality assurance processes. All ECTs benefit from a comprehensive training package, including:


• An invitation to our New Staff Day prior to starting work at North Chadderton School where colleagues are provided with a very warm welcome to our team and key information about our school

• A commitment to providing outstanding subject mentors who meet our Mentoring Criteria and can provide high quality guidance and support for ECTs.

• An in-house mentoring programme and opportunities to engage in external mentor training for all ECT mentors.

• Although there is no recommended allocation of time for ECT mentors in the Statutory Guidance for Induction, North Chadderton protects 90 minutes per week against the mentoring of ECTs.

• Secure and proven systems are in place to ensure all ECTs can evidence how they are meeting the standards across the Induction period.

• An experienced Induction Tutor who facilitates and coordinates ECT Induction within school and in conjunction with the school’s Professional Growth lead.

• Half-termly Progress Review meetings with the Induction Tutor to ensure ECTs are provided with the appropriate opportunities to develop their practice and to ensure they are in a position to evidence their progress against the Teachers’ Standards at key assessment points.

• Regular developmental feedback and opportunities to observe other colleagues across school in order to accelerate development and learning for ECTs.

• A working knowledge of the Early Career Framework and how this builds on the ITT Core Curriculum Framework which underpins the 3 year training programme for all early career colleagues.

• Delivery of the Full Induction Programme with our delivery partner, UCL, and our local provider, East Manchester Teaching Hub with who we foster very strong bonds and a close working relationship.

• Opportunities to network with other ECTs within school and across the local area through the ECT Cluster group coordinated by EMTH.

• Access to our substantial Professional Growth library. 

• A bespoke, whole-school CPD programme with access to a wealth of wider opportunities including enrolment in the Walk Thrus coaching programme and the National College.

• Wider opportunities for professional development by working with other departments or external organisations such as The Tenner Challenge in Business.

• An enhanced support programme is put in place for any ECT requiring addition assistance to make sufficient progress against the Teachers’ Standards.

• A bespoke weekly ECT briefing to keep ECTs up-to-date with key information and key dates relevant to their Induction.

• As a school, we house the local authority’s ASD base providing opportunities for colleagues to develop their understanding of and experience of working with students with an additional barrier to their success.

• A school which has been graded Good by Ofsted. 

• Our staff provide a very warm welcome to all new colleagues so that they feel part of our family and can fully integrate into our various teams.

• Embedded across our school, is our Wellbeing for Work charter which underpins mental health and well-being for all stakeholders in our school and includes access to free counselling services should they be required.

• We share our commitment to aspiration and excellence with all early career teachers so that they can grow into successful practitioners in their own time.