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LAC Members

Local Advisory Committee members are accountable to the Trust Board as well as to the communities they serve. Whilst not trustees under charity law, the LAC members are under a duty to act in good faith and in the interests of the Academy and the Trust.

Details of the authorities delegated by the Trust Board to the Local Advisory Committee are set out in the Scheme of Delegation.


Introducing our Local Advisory Committee


Dr Claire Howard - Chair of the LAC

I have been involved in school governance for over 15 years, as a parent governor, community governor, LAC member and now Chair of the North Chadderton LAC. My experience spans both primary (Thorp Primary school) and secondary school levels. I myself am an ex-pupil from North Chadderton and my own two children have attended this wonderful school.  As a long-standing member of the local community, I am in a key position to help develop links between school and relevant stakeholders, building positive relationships for the future.

My professional background is in the NHS as a clinical researcher and healthcare clinician. My PhD in health services research means I have considerable skills in interpretation and analysis of data, questioning the best practice and dissemination of key findings, all of these skills are translated into my LAC role, which I consider an honour to fulfil.


Liz Wilson - Community Member

I have been involved in school governance for over 5 years, as a parent governor and LAC member at Thorp Primary School, and now as a Community Representative within the North Chadderton LAC. My 2 children attend schools in The Oak Trust, and I live within the community the trust serves.  

As a Communications Manager for a bank, I focus on cutting down jargon and making things simple to understand. I work within regulations to manage risk, treat consumers fairly and ensure that their needs are at the center of our decisions. I hope I can bring this perspective and my previous experience to my new role with the North Chadderton LAC.


Karen Winterbottom - Parent member

I am one of the newer members of North Chadderton’s LAC and am delighted to contribute and fulfil this important role. I have lived in Chadderton for most of my life, and both my children attend North Chadderton School.

I have a passion for learning and development and have worked in postgraduate medical education within the NHS for over ten years. My roles involves working closely with both junior doctors and consultants plus a variety of different stakeholders from across a number of settings. Building strong relationships and excellent communication is key and I hope to use these skills to develop and grow within the LAC role.  


Garvin Crabtree - Community Member

Married with 2 Daughters both of who attended North Chadderton School and went on to University gaining 2-1 degrees.

I have been a member of the Governing body for 28 years chairing Finance and Chair Of Governors for 16 years. Changing over to Chair of the LAC when we became an Academy. I stepped down in 2024 and I now Chair The Members Committee of the Oak Trust

I owned and ran with my Wife a Printing company in Oldham for 34 years employing local people. I joined in 1984 and I am still an active member of Oldham Metro Rotary Club and have been president 5 times at a year each.

I volunteer at North Chadderton School because I see it as a way of supporting our local community and helping our young people get the best school experience available which I think helps shape the leaders of tomorrow.



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 LAC Members

Name Position Date Appointed Date term ends
Dr Claire Howard Chair of Local Advisory Committee - Trust Board Appointed 21/03/2023 21/03/2027
Mr Garvin Crabtree Community Member - Trust Board Appointed 30/09/2021 29/09/2025
Mrs Clare Cheetham Community Member - Trust Board Appointed 08/07/2020 07/07/2028
Mr Leonard Quinn Community Member - Trust Board Appointed 30/09/2021


Mrs Karen Winterbottom Parent Member - Appointed by the Parents 08/02/2024


Mr Chris Stones Parent Member - Appointed by the Parents 05/10/2023


Ms Liz Wilson Community Member - Trust Board Appointed 06/12/2023


Attendance at Local Advisory Committee Meetings 2022 - 2023

Local Advisory Committee From To Meeting Attendance 22/23

Mr David Challen



 -  - 3/3

Mr Garvin Crabtree

Chair of the LAC

Appointed by the Trust Board  30/09/2021 29/09/25 2/3

Mrs S North


Co-CEO and Executive Headteacher of North Chadderton School - - 2/3

Mrs G Hindle

Executive Director of Business & HR - - 1/3

Mr N Angus

Co-Head of School 01/05/2023 - 1/1

Ms N Westhead

Co-Head of School 01/05/2023 - 1/1

Mrs A Greenwood

Head of School - - 1/1

Mrs Claire Cheetham


Appointed by the Trust Board 08/07/2020 08/07/2024 0/3

Dr Claire Howard


Appointed by the Trust Board 21/03/2023 21/03/2027 3/3

Mr Kashif Ashraf


Appointed by the Trust Board 25/11/2020 12/10/2022 1/1

Mr Eddie Hardaker


 Appointed by the Trust Board 25/11/2020  31/08/2023 3/3
Mr Leonard Quinn Appointed by the Trust Board 30/09/2021 29/09/2025 3/3
Mrs C Copson Senior Director of Finance - - 0/3
Mrs J O'Connor Senior Director of Operations - - 0/3

Local Advisory Committee Member Links

Support and Challenge Role Link Member
Safeguarding Clare Cheetham
Standards and Expectations Garvin Crabtree 
Character Education & Careers Chris Stones
Support for Disadvantaged Students Len Quinn and Karen Winterbottom
Staff and Student Wellbeing Liz Wilson

 Articles of Association