North Chadderton

The Oak Trust will provide excellence in teaching, learning and leadership development.
This will be based on safe, inclusive practice which inspires and challenges everyone.
The Oak Trust

Meet the Staff

Welcome to Meet the Staff.

Below you will find out more about the staff who you will be working with in the Sixth Form.


Sixth Form Tutors  - Year 13 Team  

Miss Pinkney

Miss Catterall

Mrs Mossop  

Mr Bigland  

Mr Mannix

Miss Hill 


Sixth Form Tutors  - Year 12 Team  

Ms Gumbley 

Mr Fearn/Miss Weetman

Mrs Moore

Mrs Dawson 

Miss Thompson  


Sixth Form Life


At North Chadderton Sixth Form we encourage our students to participate in the wider aspects of Sixth Form Life. We strive to enhance and develop our students by providing them with opportunities to develop them as people, considering social skills and confidence. 



Each year as a school and Sixth Form we select a charity which we raise money for throughout the year. We encourage every student to participate in raising money through fundraising activities.  

In Sixth Form you will be responsible and lead on the following-  

  •     Christmas Markets 
  •     Easter Markets 
  •     Quiz Nights 
  •     Sponsored Walk
  •     NC Sports Fest  



We also host a range of extracurricular activities for both enjoyment and to enhance skills. These include NC News, STEM clubs, Dissection Club, Sports Societies, Performing Arts Clubs, Cooking, Anime Clubs and many more. At Sixth Form we encourage our students to run and support the clubs for the younger students.