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Examination Information and Support

Examinations at North Chadderton School

Over the last five years, our examination results have shown continual improvement with the majority of our year 11 students achieving 5 9 - 5 grades including English and Maths and our Year 13 gaining 3 good A Level passes and moving on to University and employment.

North Chadderton School ensures all regulations and procedures regarding examinations are strictly adhered to and part of this involves ensuring our students are well prepared for the examination period. All examination year groups receive a presentation in assembly by the examinations officer explaining the protocols and regulations and both students and parents are provided with a booklet detailing all the essential information required.

For information explaining the new GCSE grades please click here.

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Examination & Coursework Essential Information

Please take time to view the documents listed below.

They explain how Awarding Bodies use your personal data and list the regulations for exams and other assessments. You must read these as breaking any regulation, (even unintentionally), may lead to loss of marks and disqualification.

Essential Equipment for Examinations

To ensure a prompt and settled start to the exams please ensure you bring all necessary equipment to every exam. You will need:

Clear Pencil Case

Black Pens



Scientific Calculator

Ruler, Compass, Protractor, Set Square Ruler.


The Academy reserves the right to securely dispose of certificates which have not been claimed after twelve months.

Details of when to collect certificates for the Summer results will be published on this page.

GCE, BTEC, CNAT, CTECH and GCSE Certificates will be available to collect from school the November following the examinations. When all certificates are in school students/parents will be contacted with specific arrangement for collection.

Downloads – Please click on the link to view the document

Essential Information for Candidates

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There are no documents to display at present.

Mock Timetables


There are no documents to display at present.

 Post Result Guidance


If you have any questions regarding examinations and certificates please email the Exams Officer:

Nicola O'Connor

If you do not have access to email please telephone the Exams Officer on 0161 624 9939 extension 6035. If there is no answer please leave a voicemail message and your enquiry will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I find out the dates and time for my son/daughter’s exams?

All students have received a timetable. You can also see an exam timetable on the school website. Alternatively, you can contact the Year Team or Examinations Officer.


What do students need to bring to every exam?

Equipment is not provided. Every student needs a clear pencil case containing: black pens, pencils, eraser, protractor, compass, set square, ruler and calculator.


What can students take into exams?

 Water in a clear bottle (the label must be removed)

 Equipment needed for the exam


What must students not take into the exam room?

X  Phones

X  Watches

X  Music players

X  Air pods, ear phones

X  Notes

X  Food

X  Outdoor coats

It is very important that mobile phones are never taken into the exam room. This is considered malpractice and has to be reported to the exam boards with the risk of disqualification. Any valuable items should be kept in school bags. We will provide a secure area to store bags during the exam, however, North Chadderton School does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to property. Our advice is to leave valuables at home.


What should I do if my son/daughter feels unwell?

There will not be another opportunity to sit the exam and so wherever possible students should attend the examination. Any absence for illness will require a medical note from a GP. In an emergency, please contact the reception as early as possible and ask to speak to the Examinations Officer.