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Introduction to Pathways








Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to welcome you all to the Pathways process for this year, an exciting time, and one in which important decisions need to be made, and so which therefore can also make it something of a difficult time. Please remember that we are here to help and to support, and these webpages have been designed to inform you about this exciting phase in your child’s education. 

At North Chadderton School, we want all our students to leave with qualifications in high quality subjects and with the highest possible grades, and we aim to provide a broad and challenging curriculum offer which is rich in knowledge and so which caters for both.

As all students are different in their abilities and their interests, at Key Stage 4, and beyond into Sixth Form, we offer a curriculum which is personalised to meet the needs of each student.  Students will be provided with a bespoke Pathway to Success based on achievement on entry to North Chadderton, current attainment and on the opportunities available post 16. 

Alongside the compulsory, core curriculum, which includes English, Mathematics and Science, students will be able to select additional subjects to study depending on their individualised pathway.  This is an opportunity for students to specialise and pick subjects that they will enjoy and will help develop the skills they need for the future.

To help in making informed decisions, there is a wealth of information about each subject we offer contained within this section of our website. In addition, our Pathways To Success evening provides the opportunity for parents/carers and students to come into the school, to hear presentations from subject specialists and from key members of staff involved in the pathways process an d with some of our current year 10 and 11 students.  These will help you and your child fully understand the process and make the right choices. We would urge you to read careful through not only the subject pages, but through our introductory and information pages which contains important details about the process of choosing subjects, forbidden combinations of qualifications and factors which should be considered when choosing option subjects.

Within the pages of this section of our website are the details of all the subjects we offer at Key Stage 4, however subjects will only run if there are a minimum number of students choosing them. Where there is demand for a subject, it will run. If a subject will not run due to insufficient numbers of students opting for it, we will discuss alternatives with each student who has chosen it as an option. 

Each course we offer has a devoted page in this section of the site, which outlines key pieces of information to enable choices to be made. You will find links to careers information which will help you to envisage where each subject might potentially take you beyond study at Key Stage 4, a link also takes you to that course's curriculum map outlining content, and an array of other useful information.

If you have any queries or questions during the next few weeks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the following members of the Pathways to Success team:

  • Mr A. Bateman- Assistant Director, Curriculum
  • Ms R Crawford- Head of Year
  • Mrs M. Cunningham- Assistant Head of Year


A Bateman

Mr A. Bateman,

Assistant Director, Curriculum