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School Bus Information

Child Fares on TfGM school Buses

Changes from September 2022, fares on TfGM funded school buses are:

  • For children aged 11-16 with igo passes and primary school children:

    Single ticket £1.00
    Return ticket £2.00

  • TfGM school weekly ticket £7.60**. This ticket is ONLY valid on schooldays on school buses. It’s available to buy on the bus or at a TfGM Travelshop. The bus driver will load it onto the igo card.

  • Carnet ticket (10 single trips) £10.00**. This ticket is ONLY valid on schooldays on school buses. It’s available to buy on the bus** and in TfGM Travelshops. It can only be loaded onto an igo card and will be valid for 28 days from the date of purchase.

Children aged 11-16 who do not have an igo pass will also be charged a single fare of £1.00 but will not be able to buy returns or weekly tickets without an igo.

Students with a Scholar’s permit can also buy the £1 single ticket (not returns or school weekly tickets).

** TfGM return, weekly and carnet tickets are valid on the majority of dedicated school buses, with some exceptions. There are also bus services to schools, not included on the list of TfGM school buses, where no TfGM school tickets are available. Please check the exceptions list before travelling.

We expect students to:

  • Communicate with the driver politely and respectfully
  • Show any bus passes or provide the fare for any journey undertaken
  • Sit calmly on a seat wherever possible
  • Avoid any behaviour which may disturb the concentration of the driver, or may damage the bus environment, such as throwing food or tampering with the emergency exit
  • Refrain from smoking on the bus
  • Show respect for all other passengers travelling on the bus

Any student who does not adhere to these expectations will have a consequence in line with the school standards and expectations policy. This may involve banning a student from using the bus for a determined period of time.

This is in line with Government guidance, which refers to school’s power to sanction students for “misbehaviour" when the pupil is:

  • Taking part in any school-organised or school-related activity or travelling to or from school or wearing school uniform or in some other way identifiable as a pupil at the school or misbehaviour at any time, whether or not the conditions above apply, that could have repercussions for the orderly running of the school or poses a threat to another pupil or member of the public or could adversely affect the reputation of the school.

Before travelling to and from school it is important to plan-ahead and consider different options. 

Transport for Greater Manchester has a dedicated School’s Hub, with information about public transport services, tickets and passes, latest travel guidance and advice around cycling and walking. 

If you can, please consider whether your child can walk or cycle to school – it can be a safe and healthy way to make shorter trips. With new cycling and walking routes popping up across the region, it is safer and easier than ever to get about on foot or by bike.  

If you do need to drive, please switch off your engine when waiting outside to reduce air pollution and, if possible, try parking further away and walking the last part of the journey.  

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