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Quality in Careers Standard Award

Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Provision at North Chadderton School

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 In 2017, North Chadderton School achieved the then-named CEIAG Quality Award “Inspiring IAG”, which recognised the” positive outcomes for students along with the vision and commitment at senior leadership and the positive role of governors in relation to CEIAG provision.”


In February 2023, North Chadderton was assessed and reaccredited using the revised framework for what had then become the single national award, the Quality in Careers Standard through the Licensed Awarding Body – Positive Steps (Inspiring IAG). Comments from the Assessor included:


  • ‘North Chadderton School is clearly committed to providing an aspirational careers programme to its students and the enthusiasm shown by staff during the assessment is to be commended. The agenda is implemented by an excellent Careers Lead and wider Careers Team who have plans to continue to develop the programme. There is evident support for careers from trustees and the senior leadership team all of whom demonstrated knowledge of the careers agenda and see it as a key focus for the school and the wider trust’


  • ‘There is an obvious ‘whole school’ approach to the delivery of careers at North Chadderton – staff understand that they are all teachers of careers – and all departments make every effort to ensure that career related learning is firmly embedded into the curriculum of the various subject areas’


  • ‘Career learning is planned and sequenced so that students develop their knowledge and skills in a logical progression, powerfully illustrated by the NC Careers Journey graphic. The career elements of the Personal Development (STEPS) programme are tailored to suit the cohorts that make up the student body and there is the opportunity for reflection after each unit’


  • ‘The school invests in personal guidance and has an external adviser in school four days per week with careers guidance sessions beginning in year 9 and then offered each year onwards. Students at North Chadderton can expect multiple careers interviews to ensure they are prepared and confident about their next steps’


  • ‘The school has links with a wide range of external partners – employers, universities, apprenticeship and FE learning providers – and all contribute to the careers programme to ensure students are well aware of their post 16 and post 18 options’


  • ‘The website has a wide range of careers information – labour market information links for students and parents are particularly varied and the layout is easily accessible for anyone wanting to learn more about careers’


  • ‘There is a commitment to listening to feedback, reflection and continuous improvement in the quality of the school’s careers provision’


Furthermore, the most recent North Chadderton OFSTED report in December 2022, identified CEIAG provision as a strength of the Academy:


  • Pupils and students access a thorough careers programme, including opportunities to engage with local employers. Students in the sixth form apply to a wide range of post-18 destinations, including universities and apprenticeships. They are well supported in their choices.


The CEIAG team consists of:

  • Mrs. T. Walker - Senior Director Character Education
  • Mrs. A. Marsh – Associate Director – Careers
  • Mrs. J. Sutcliffe – Subject Leader of Careers
  • Mr. A. Azad – Careers Adviser, Positive Steps
  • Mrs. S. Guy – Senior Director of Professional Practice & KS5
  • Mr. A. Wetters – Head of Year 12/13 Achievement Support
  • Mrs. S. Robinson – Character Education Administrator
  • Ms. R. Howes – Careers Enterprise Adviser
  • Ms J. Clark - LAC Governor for Careers


Students at North Chadderton receive impartial and confidential CEIAG advice and guidance through our Positive Steps careers adviser, Abdul Azad.  We encourage parents and carers to be part of their child’s future career aspirations and welcome them to attend their child’s careers appointment. Parents and Carers can contact Abdul Azad through contacting reception team or via e-mail to arrange an appointment at their convenience.


North Chadderton is committed to delivering a broad and balanced CEIAG program throughout all year groups. The overarching aims of the CEIAG programme are to:


  • To prepare students for life in modern Britain
  • To raise attainment by equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver innovative careers information and advice   
  • To encourage students to become reflective learners who are self-aware of their strengths, skills and attributes and how these link to career and life planning; 
  • To ensure the current provision provides exciting and inspiring opportunities for all students to develop employability and life skills
  • To meet our statutory obligations by;
    • providing independent and impartial careers guidance 
    • ensuring there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to inform students about technical educational qualifications and apprenticeships
    • Continuing to meet the Gatsby benchmarks.
    • Have a named Careers Leader
    • Publish a careers programme on the school website



Linking Curriculum learning to Careers

The Careers Programme is detailed in the Careers Scheme of Learning (SOL) and the Learning Journey. These documents are reviewed annually to incorporate statutory changes and reflect best practice. 

Faculties support the school’s approach to careers education and guidance by including a link to Careers in their subject schemes of learning or Curriculum Maps.

The curriculum offers opportunities for developing the knowledge and skills that employers need, it attracts pupils towards career opportunities in that subject and provides a range of experiences that will expand a student’s horizon. Teachers support the career development of young people in their tutorial role and through their subject teaching. Staff have the relevant information that allow them to include careers related information in their lessons.  

The Careers programme is delivered through:

  • Personal Development Programme in Years 7 – 13
  • A service level agreement and delivery plan agreed with independent and impartial careers providers
  • Exposure to a range of professionals from varying occupations
  • Annual Fairs / Events
  • Business Partnerships
  • Visiting speakers to whole year groups and small groups
  • Visits and off-site work insight experiences
  • A Careers Library and office
  • Work Experience - Year10 and Year 12
  • Futures weeks for all Year groups
  • The school web site and SharePoint
  • Information for parents in the Headteacher Bulletin and Pastoral Bulletins and Half Termly Careers Newsletter.


Careers Events

Students at North Chadderton School are provided with the opportunity to participate in a range of careers based activities to enhance their future career aspirations. These include;

  • Presentations from external speakers from a range of occupations and professions.
  • Opportunities to attend a range of local college taster days and apprenticeship fairs.
  • University Visits
  • Mock interviews.
  • Work Experience
  • Workplace visits
  • Opportunities along with their parents/carers to meet and discuss future career aspirations at Year Group Welcome evenings, Sixth Form Open Evening and Year 9 Pathways Evening.


Monitoring and Review

The CEIAG policy and related published information is reviewed annually to assess the quality and appropriateness of provision. Reviews will include a range of evidence, such as student/staff voice, parental/carer surveys, work scrutiny and a report to the LCA committee.


CEIAG Contact Details

If you require any further information relating to CEIAG provision at the Academy please contact Mrs. Marsh, Associate Director – Careers through the following options;

E-Mail Address:

Telephone: 0161 624 9939