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Sixth form Dress Code

Sixth Form students must recognise their responsibility in acting as ambassadors of North Chadderton and as positive role models at all times, including in the area of school dress.  At North Chadderton Sixth Form College, we expect all students to be smart and well-presented and to this end, we have adopted a Business Dress Code for Post-16 students which promotes a smart, positive and business-like image and reflects the high standards of presentation in younger year groups.  


Business Dress – Monday to Thursday

Suit consisting of a suit jacket and skirt, dress or tailored trousers. 

Suit jackets must be worn at all times. 

Skirts should be of a suitable length and must be appropriate for a business environment. 

A shirt, blouse or top of any colour may be worn and must be appropriate for a business environment. Suit shirts must be worn with ties. 

Smart footwear. Trainers are not allowed. 

Photo ID must be worn visibly at all times while on college premises.


Dress Down - Friday

Own clothes may be worn on Fridays to reflect practice in many large businesses in our country and indeed, world-wide.

The aim is to have a smart appearance that allows a degree of personal choice. However, your college is a workplace and a learning environment and your appearance should reflect that.

Shorts or short skirts are not permitted. Tops that expose the abdomen are unacceptable as are strapless, backless, see-through or strappy vest tops.

Photo ID must be worn visibly at all times while on college premises.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, this dress code may be subject to change at the discretion of the Assistant Director and/or Acting Co-Headteachers.