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The Oak Trust will provide excellence in teaching, learning and leadership development.
This will be based on safe, inclusive practice which inspires and challenges everyone.
The Oak Trust

Wider Training Opportunities

Wider Training Opportunities and Partnerships

A key part of the ethos of North Chadderton School is an investment, not only in all its own staff but, very importantly, in working with a variety of external partners to provide nationally recognised training courses and to further develop the school as a centre of first class training.


The school works alongside Outstanding Leaders Partnership (OLP) and offers the following nationally recognised qualifications:

  • The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)
  • The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)
  • The National Professional Qualification for Executive Headship (NPQEH)

It is also a very active member in the Northern Alliance Teaching School. It is involved in recruiting Schools Direct Trainees from this Alliance across varying subjects.

It is also the regional AQA hub for Science, providing Science training for professionals across Greater Manchester and beyond.

The school works very closely with a number of higher education providers including Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University to recruit ITT Students across all subjects.

We fully engage with the Oldham Learning Teacher Development Programme which supports colleagues at all levels including, RQTs, middle and senior leaders.

We also facilitate awareness and training sessions for the Institute for Educational Advisers which provides accreditation in key areas required to support a self-managing school system.

Training, investment in professionals, working with external partners, is key to the vision and ethos of North Chadderton School, so that excellent training and innovation can be shared and developed.


Whole Staff Professional Growth

The Professional Growth Programme has been revolutionised to ensure all staff have regular opportunities to work collaboratively. The programme is evidence informed and linked to whole school priorities. It underpins and effectively supports all whole school Continuous Improvement. It supports the professional development of all staff, and also helps to grow leadership capacity. Staff voice is very positive and tells us that the programme effectively engages them in meaningful professional development, which enables them to deliver more effective lessons.  


The Professional Growth Programme is personalised to the staff and school context. It promotes a reflective and supportive culture with greater staff autonomy. The programme is designed to develop mastery of pedagogical themes and promotes metacognition. Staff development is supported by a low stakes approach to observation. 

Professional Growth is at the heart of the Appraisal process.  All staff have an aspect of their pedagogy as their first objective. Along with autonomy for staff, it allows for mastery to ensure we do things long enough to get better at them and is evidence focused to show impact. 


Subject Professional Development Sessions create a strong professional learning culture in faculties. Staff identify and collaboratively work on improving aspects of their subject.  This ensures that there is greater use of staff expertise and specialisms, and all staff are trained in what makes effective planning and teaching.  


A robust Continuous Improvement process provides supportive quality assurance where leaders at all levels confidently identify lines of inquiry and work collaboratively to improve the Quality of Education. This is informed by the triangulation of secure evidence such as pupil voice, book looks, lesson visits and outcomes.