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Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience

At North Chadderton Sixth Form College, we offer students the opportunity to take part in work experience to enable students to gain an insight into the working world, whilst developing skills that will prepare them for their future careers.

Throughout both Year 12 and Year 13 we work closely with external providers holding a variety of Futures Days to support students to make choices about their future pathways, along with a wealth of opportunities that students can engage in independently to further develop their employability skills. In January of Y12, we hold our annual ‘Work Experience Week’ – where students get to choose a placement in an industry that they are interested in.


Here’s what some former students had to say about their placements:

First Choice Homes – Sumiya:

I went to First Choice Homes in Oldham. I travelled to various sites, accompanied by the Site Manager to clarify progress of construction. I investigated potential of on sale residential land throughout Greater Manchester for acquisition. I sought previous planning proposals and established issues and restrictions of buildings in the area. I completed risk assessments for each area of land.

I really enjoyed my placement and found it very useful as I got to learn first hand, the entire process of construction. Seeing the different types of build and the issues that need to be dealt with prior to building as well as issues that are taken into consideration with the architectural designs.

XS Manchester - Luke:

I went to XS Manchester Radio Station for my work experience placement. I worked in production and editing for adverts, promotional material, helped in the studio, assisted with organising intos so that presenters know how long they can talk over a song before the singing starts. I also sat in the studio with Clint Boon during his show, in which he showed me how presenting on radio works and all the computer hardware and software he uses to do his show.

I really enjoyed my placement as it was based on music, which I am very passionate about, and the production of music. I found it useful as it taught me production skills using software such as Abode Audition and other production software which I picked up very quickly, despite never using them before and I found it very interesting.

As a result of my time doing work experience at the Radio Station, I have been offered a part-time job there which I am delighted about.

Foster Care – Jack:

My mum is a foster carer and I chose to do my work experience placement with her. I helped to look after the children and she showed me everything that is involved in the day to day life of a foster carer.

Westwood Academy – Tasmia:

I went to Westwood Academy for my work experience placement. I was working with the Year 3’s and I helped them when they needed help with their work. I went swimming with them. I participated in their PE lessons.

I loved my work placement. So many memorable moments with the children. I loved helping them and working with them. I found it really useful as I want to do teaching in the future, so the experience I got from doing it will definitely be in my mind whilst choosing a career path for the future. The teacher I was working with helped me so much and overall, I would love to do the whole experience again!

JD Sports – Alisha:

I worked at JD Sports for my work placement. I got to do customer service, worked on the tills and helped with a delivery coming in.

I loved the routine and I especially liked the customer service side of things.

Manchester Children's Hospital (NHS) – Joe:

I completed my work experience with the NHS at Manchester Children’s Hospital. I worked with the Finance Team where I was introduced to what their jobs involved. I was also able to sit in on key meetings during my time there.

This placement was both useful and enjoyable and allowed me to gain an insight into how the finance industry is run and what it involves for those who work in it.