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Year 11 to Year 12 Transition Support

Y11 to Y12 Transition

This has certainly been a challenging time for you all. I want to congratulate you on the maturity and resilience you have shown over the last year. I know some of you are already beginning to think ahead to next year and are working on those subjects you wish to pursue at Sixth Form. This really is an exciting time!

With this in mind, we want to support you in your endeavours to prepare for the next phase of your education. Staff have prepared a range of subject specific resources that will help you to begin preparing for Key Stage 5 studies. These Year 11 into Year 12 Bridging Projects will help you review the knowledge you have gained over Key Stage 4, ensure that there is a solid basis of knowledge to begin to build upon and encourage you to start linking this to more advanced ideas and knowledge. There is also a Wellbeing task called Build Me that you can complete. Build Me is a series of sessions to help motivate, support and inspire you to succeed both in and out of school.  There are six presentations to work through along with a booklet to record your thoughts. 

 In addition to the Year 11 into Year 12 Bridging Projects and the Wellbeing task, we have collated some resources to support you prepare for life in Sixth Form. Below is a table that explains what is available and how you might use it; 



What is it? 

Help with Course Choice 

If you are unsure what to study and you want to know more about which career a chosen subject will lead you to, what life skills you will gain, how the subject will develop your character and what you research next,  then these resources will undoubtedly help you to discover the possibilities of where these subjects could take you in your future. It will help you to confirm your subject choice and may even open your eyes to subjects you have never considered before! 

Additional Subject Progression Tasks 

These Y11-Y12 transition resources are grids based on Post 16 subjects. Each grid gives you something to watch, listen to, take part in or research in order to prepare you for your Post 16 studies. They are easy to use and have either QR codes or hyperlinks for quick accessibility.  

Beyond Sixth Form Preparation 

This resource suggests 20 ways in which you can begin to prepare for life after Sixth Form. This may seem a long way off right now, but thinking about what university courses, apprenticeships or jobs you are interested in can help to inform your A level choices. There are lots of links and suggested websites to explore. There is also a list of suggested Wider Reading for specific subjects which may help to deepen your knowledge before you even begin to study! 

Health and Wellbeing Presentation 

Looking after your mental and physical health is important at any time of your life, but particularly when you are about to embark on studying A levels. You need to look after your body and brain to give yourself the best chance to succeed. This presentation is filled with top tips about how to achieve this.  


For those of you wanting to find out more about what the Extended Project Qualification involves, to help decide if it is right for you, this provides you with some suggested links to find out more.  


You will be able to talk to us about these resources, what you have done and what you have learned by completing some of these activities during your Personal Development Programme lessons and with your subject teachers during the first week back. 


We hope this support will give you some focus over the weeks ahead and help to ensure your transition to further studies is as successful as possible.


We look forward to seeing what you have found out! 


Mrs Guy                             Mrs Greenwood            Mrs Hilton 

Assistant Director             Senior Director             Achievement and Attainment Co-ordinator 

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 Bridging Projects

Y11 into Y12 Transition PiXL

 Additonal Subject Progression Tasks

Beyond Sixth Form Preparation


Help with Course Choice

Y11 Summer Wellbeing Unit - Build Me Up