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 Year 12 to Year 13 Transition Support

Next Stop… Year 13 – September 2024!

This year, all of you have either completed coursework that goes towards your final grade, taken part in externally assessed exams or completed mock A-Level exams here at North Chadderton. Year 12 has been a big adjustment and I want to congratulate you on the resilience that you have all shown.

With this in mind, we want to support you in your endeavours to prepare next year. Your teachers at North Chadderton Sixth Form have prepared a range of subject specific resources that will help you to begin preparing for next year. The Year 12 into year 13 Bridging Projects will help you review the knowledge you have gained in year 12 and ensure that there is a solid basis of knowledge to build upon as we head into your final year. We hope this support will give you some focus over the weeks ahead and help to ensure your transition into next year is as successful as possible. We will be asking you to bring your completed Bridging Projects to Sixth Form during the first week back to review with your teachers. The Bridging Projects are available on our website. Please remember, staff are only an email away if you need any support with these.


You will be able to talk to us about these resources, what you have done and what you have learned by completing some of these activities during your Personal Development Programme lessons and with your subject teachers during the first week back. 


We hope this support will give you some focus over the weeks ahead and help to ensure your transition to further studies is as successful as possible.


We look forward to seeing what you have found out! 


Miss Gill - Assistant Director, Head of Sixth Form

Mr Wetters - Assistant Head of Sixth Form     

Mrs Hilton - Achievement and Attainment Co-ordinator 

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 Bridging Projects