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Year 8

Welcome from the Head of Year

Year 8 (ID 1284)


Dear parents and carers of Year 8,

I am the Head of Year 8, Miss Lynda Mitchell. Year 8 have had a tremendous start to North Chadderton School and as their Hear of Year I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of the students, as well as you, their parents and carers. The students have built a solid foundation enabling them to develop their impressive attitude to learning and school life. I feel that every member of the year group has potential to succeed at North Chadderton. Mr Ali and I work very closely with the year group to instil in them kindness, thoughtfulness, resilience, organisation and compassion for others. These skills will enable them - in 2027 - to succeed beyond the gates of North Chadderton School.

The year group continues to impress us with their participation in extra-curricular, cultural and character-building activities. They have fully immersed themselves in a lot of charity work and other exciting projects in and out of school. Extra-curricular activities are a very good way to stimulate a healthy lifestyle and they are also a contributing factor in promoting positive mental health. I would encourage all students to regularly participate in the many extra-curricular activities on offer at school.  

The transition phase has now passed, and our Year 8 students are developing into mature, responsible young adults, who demonstrate organisation and independence, and are able to make well-informed judgements. Our focus in Year 8 is to embrace the knowledge we have learnt and the skills we have gained to challenge ourselves in aiming for high levels of progress. We want every child to aim for the highest level they possibly can achieve, and we will support each student to achieve this. We know that they will encounter obstacles and make mistakes along the way, but it is important to learn from them and move forward. Our school values are to ‘Work Hard, Be Kind and Make A Difference’. This is something that we would like all our Year 8s to embody at school as well as in the local community. As a year team we truly believe that they are an asset to our ever expanding community.

Form Tutors

8N1 - Mr T Harvey

8N2 - Mr A Titcomb

8N3 - Mrs N Jerome

8N4 - Mrs J Foden 

8N5 - Ms K Lewis & Mrs S McKenniff

8C1 - Mrs L Mancini

8C2 - Miss S Cotter

8C3 - Miss T Hulse-Lander

8C4 - Miss S Garwood

8C5 - Mr H Patel

Key Dates and Events

 Year 8 Parent Information Evening - 14th September 2023

Year 8 Futures Week - w/c 7th May 2024

Year 8 Parents' Evening - 6th June 2024